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NFC write and read tags


✔️NFC read and write app
✔️Tag copy, copy tag to infinity, and erase tag.
✔️Write NFC tags with more than 10 options
✔️History page - contain all your read and write history

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4.1 Rating


"I had a problem with this app (big menu wouldn't go away) and the developer was extremely helpful in resolving the problem. As for the program, it is an easy to use NFC reader/writer that works with data records (not low level) and makes placing data on NFC tags a breeze."
"such a fantastic "NFC application". it's definitely worth (trying it out) if you haven't already done it. 🙂👍"
"Awesome easy to use App! Stop scrolling endlessly for the perfect nfc app , cause you just found it !"


✔️ NFC write and read tags is an app that can read all tag types including-Text, including URL, VCARD, Bluetooth, WIFI, SMS, email, and much more.
After reading the tag you will have actions on each record, which you can execute.

✔️With the NFC reader and writer app, you can create NFC tags with templates of- Email, SMS, URL search, Text, Address, Vcard

How to Write an NFC Tag❓
Take a tag- which can be a paper, sticker, ring, or anything else that contains an NFC tag, and can set any task on it.
Go to write tag option in the menu, and start to add records to your NFC tag.
After you finish, just click on the write button, and put your NFC tag close to your smartphone, and WOW, now you have a new tag that contains tasks!

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