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⚙️get easy access to all your device information
⚙️Support in more than 10 languages
⚙️have more than 10 color themes

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4.1 Rating


"Simple user interface makes it easy to get straight to the setting you want. App does what it says."
"Have a fines large apps and small phone memories this is a great product because it will tell you your settings that you can't see due to limited memory!"
"a simple app to work with, easy install and sales to improve features are pleasant if you wish a quick reference guide whats under rhe bonnet like me highly recommended with option to access further information and installation of a requirement"


⚙️My device settings is an app to make your life easier by giving you a straightforward way to navigate your device settings.
⚙️By using our app, you will get easy access to the following device features-
✔️Device Model
✔️Data Usage
✔️Hot Spot
✔️Screen size
✔️Battery Percentage

⚙️In our app, you can enjoy more than ten languages translations to choose from,
Just set your language at the app settings.

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